Friday, January 14, 2011

Fun, Fun, FUN!

It seems Pokerstars launched a Home Poker Game Online system, which sounds pretty cool imo! Hmm... You don't know what it is? Ah k... let's change that so we can have some fun together... ;)


So what is it and why do I think it sounds like fun? 

- What: it allows you to create and manage your own private Poker Club where you play the games you choose, with just your friends, at the time you want.

- Sounds complex? Nah! It’s easy to create a club. First, select a club name and invitation code. Next, access your own exclusive poker lobby, which you can customize with private Home Game tables and tournaments of your choice.

-How can you add your friends to your home game? Just send them your club ID and invitation code, then the only thing you have to do is to accept them as members when they join your online Poker Club.

The last thing to do is to schedule some games and tournaments.You simply have to choose the game you want, as well as the stakes and then set the date for your online Home Game. The system will automatically send your fellow club members all the details they need.

-Which key features does your exclusive online Poker Club includes?
  • Club Management Tools
  • Club Leader Board
  • Player Statistics
  • Game Management Tools
  • Save Favorite Game Setups
  • Game Schedule
  • Game Results
  • Private Games
  • Custom Tables
  • Full Range of Poker Games
 And the most awesome thing is... IT IS FREE! ;)

I will get into poker again soon, and will surely check it out! I was thinking about maybe creating a Home Game for Friendlypoker and maybe even a separate one where I can play with family only (then they don't have to feel bad if I stack them coz it will be only amongst family mwhahahah)....

One thing is for sure... it will be fun... fun... FUN! :p

You will need a Pokerstars account to try it out though.You can Click HERE to download it

For more info about the Home Games => click HERE.

For the Home game FAQ => click HERE.

Ok... I guess this is all the info you need... I'll see you at the tables! Good luck and have fun! ;)