Monday, December 13, 2010

Monster Shopping Spree!!!

Yesterday I noticed I gathered  + 3000 FPPs on Pokerstars, and decided to go and check what I can get for that via their online shop (

For people who don't have a clue about what I am talking about. FPP's are Frequent Player Points. The more you play, the more you get. If you get a certain amount of those, you can exchange them for all sorts of stuff at the Pokerstars shop.

So, I decided to go and check that store out....

I can tell you one thing! There were soooo much things I liked there, I kinda couldn't decide which item to take! 

After yesterday's post about my shopping spree, I got a lot of requests about which items I liked so much so...

I'll show you!

My favorits:
3000 FPP
2000 FPP

3750 FPP

1400 FPP

19000 FPP

1000 FPP
1550 FPP
1500 FPP

2750 FPP
400 FPP

1550 FPP
1250 FPP

300 FPP
2750 FPP

1250 FPP

5000 FPP
Well... in the end I decided to play some more, and one day... I WILL GO ON A SHOPPING SPREE AND BUY EVERYTHING AT ONCE! Mwahahahah. Ok, maybe not. I would probably have to play 2NL for about 20yrs or so to get there, and then I will be way to old, ugly and fat to wear all those cool items....

Well... I guess I can make a top 3 or so and go for those :p. 

Ok, it is decided! After World First (Cataclysm) I will go hardcore pokermode! :p

So, which are your favorite items out of the shop? Did you purchase any already?