Saturday, December 11, 2010

Live Meeting Next Week!

Today I really had a great afternoon with Vanessa (Reese's girlfriend). 
We went to town. Did some shopping there and went to eat something at Lombardia (more info: It's one of Moby's favorite restaurants, and it was chosen to be the best vegetarian restaurant in Belgium! We loved it so much, that we will be going there again next week, and since we got a lot of messages of people who wanted to meet up in Antwerp... Well... this is your chance! We will be there around 11:00 am CET, and we will shoot a video there and do some cooking ourselves as well. So if you want to witness my epic failure cooking skills and Vanessa's leet skills, or you just want to have a nice chat:

Date: Saturday 18th Decembre
Hour: 11:00 pm CET
Adres: Lombardenvest 78, 2000 Antwerpen, belgium 
Prices: Here is Lombardia's regular menu, so you have an idea on the prizes and what you can order:

After we had a nice meal and one of the best tea ever (Ginger tea omnomnom), we went to the Kerstmarkt. I actually never visited one, and tbh I really enjoyed it a lot! I got myself a really nice winter cap there and we got ourselves a really cool friendship ring :).

we also talked to some of the people of the little shops there. They were so nice! We also got to know some more about Chinese goodluck dolls. It seems they are made of special wood (of the Muzuki tree) which was housed by the water spirit, which would protect the people's wooden (and paper) houses centuries ago. The dolls have their own name and background, and they looked soooo cute!

When we noticed it was really getting late, we ended our little rendez-vous with a nice strawberry milkshake (for me) and some nice chocolate omnomnom dessert from Starbucks (for the little chocolate monster called Vanessa).

             To be continued...


 (Don't forget to check out Vanessa's blog as well: