Tuesday, December 7, 2010

World First it is!

We made it! It took us about 5 hours of hard labour (and Chiren had to put a lot of time in preparing and planning everything), but we did it and to be honest we kinda thought it would take us 15 hours so...you don't hear me complain! lolz

The only thing that delayed us, was the signing in. It took us about an hour for everyone to log in, but I guess the release of a new expansion pack always causes this sort of problems....

It was an amazing experience! Really great team work, and it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be! The only thing I used to do were quests, but now I got to taste some awesome teamwork and it tastes like... MORE!

The guild Tututut and all the other people who helped us, really did a great job! If I start playing again, I will surely join that guild with my new character (if I am allowed ofc... I kinda suck at it so...). Not sure which char to take though if I would start playing again. I guess time will tell... :).

Chiren (Athene) frapsed it all, and started to work on the video a few minutes ago. It will be done in no time, and ofc I will post it in here, so keep your eyes on this blog! :)