Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pwned By A Monster Burger!

Last saturday was a lot of fun!

Vanessa and me went to Antwerp to sell some cookies for Music For Life, and to eat something and in the end we ended up shooting a video at the place we went to eat (Lombardia)! It was really a lot of fun, and although I kinda suck at cooking I did learn a lot that day! You can check out the video to see my fai... euhm... 1337 skills :p.

That place was like heaven to me! You have to know that it is really hard for me to find something to eat when I go out since I don't eat any meat or fish, nor cheese. And on top of that I mostly try to eat healthy... ye I hear you thinking... GEEK!

Well... if you feel like labeling you can call me a geek alright... if it makes you feel better... ye... ah... you call me a rabbit too? Ye sure... they are cute... I can live with that... :).

Anywayz... I ate like the BIGGEST BAD ASS BURGER there, and although it tasted delicious the thing was so huge it should come with a manual! Not joking! And it should start with... step 1: don't try to eat the burger in his whole state. Cut it into pieces or you will get pwned! I kinda figured that out when the burger was all over me already. The worst part is, I kinda noticed it because people who were also eating the giant monster, kinda looked weird at me. Obviously I checked out their plate and ye...they DID figure out that it's best to cut it into parts and not to go all burger rampage mode!

I also discovered one of my new favorite drinks called Ginger Love. It is something they came up with, and it is really nommy nommy AND healthy! :) If you visit them one day, you definitely have to try it out! :)


The cookie sell didn't go as well as planned... it was waaaaay too cold and people didn't feel like buying cookies....Well that's what I like to tell myself... I must admit I actually really suck at selling probably... it was just me doing a terrible job.... Well at least I've tried, right?

When I get the results of the little cookie campaign I surely let you know!

Ah and by the way...we might shoot more videos there, so if there is something you want to ask about delicious and healty food you can always let me know, and I'll try to add it in the next clip :).

We did manage to ask a few questions already, and here you have the result! I hear you thinking! Ye! We have been busy :).

I'll Keep you up to date!


  1. I saw your newest post (so i was blind or there werent comment word) lady and this is the first time i have an honor to comment on your blog so i ll try not to be boring.First we both know geek is not an insult.I admire those guys (and girls).
    Second,I watched SAW all 7 parts and let me tell you,just get a little more brave and take a look at third and fourth one.Those are the most interesting parts,the connection of whole story.Why John Kramer become Jigsaw in first place and what is Jigsaws grand design really.(There is blood and gore,but i watch it for philosophy) (No i am not freak) Ok...I wrote a way too much...Sorry lady.

  2. I'm so sorry that all the comments towards you on your videos are about your tits, I think Athene and youself have put that iamge on you and now people cannot take you seirously, but I'm glad you are not just an airhead but a smart girl! keep it up!