Friday, December 3, 2010

Ladiesevent at BOPC

A few weeks ago me and Vanessa went to Namen.You are probably wondering why the heck we would go to Namen, right? Well from what I have seen (during the car ride, ahum). Namen is a very nice place to go and visit. Lots of green and the people are really nice there. Communication is a bit of a hassle since they mostly speak french there, and our french was euhm... a bit... rusty. But somehow we did manage to make ourselves understandable. Well, if primates can communicate without using any language, obviously some educated people can manage to figure something out, right?!

So, although it was a very nice place to go and visit, we kinda had some other plans. I got an invitation from Pokerstars (since Chiren couldn't go there to play) to play the ladiesevent at BOPC (Belgian Open Poker Championship), and Vanessa (friend of mine) was so nice to film and take pictures there so I could make a nice youtube clip out of it (as I promised to our Friendlypoker community).

You are probably wondering how it al went... right? Hmm, where do I start....
I slept about 2 or 3 hours so kinda experienced the start of the day in a bit of a woozy state. Nothing a nice meal couldn't fix though. So we did some omnomnom, and then we had a meetup with the person who would take us there. She was really nice. Now I come to think of it, I should maybe contact her again to have a nice chat again....

We arrived there somewhere around 1:00pm and that is when the fun started. The tourney started at 6:00pm so that gave us a lot of time to go and have fun with some people there, and that we did...ofc!

We started to talk to dealers, because obviously they are the ones who see evertyhing but never get to do the talking, and we also managed to talk to the cameraman of Pokerstars. You can see how that went in the video. I can tell you one thing, those guys rocked!

So we trolled some people, had a nice meal afterwards and then got to the poker workshop which was given by 2 Belgian Pokerstars Team Pros. It were the 2 brothers Matthias and Christophe De Meulder who gave the workshop. If you feel like checking them out some more, we managed to interview one of the brothers....

Then at 6:00pm it was time to pwn at poker! It is really weird to play live if you are used to playing online. I prefer playing cash games online, but playing a live tournament was also nice for a change. There were some things which were a lot different though f.e. online you have a good over view of your stack, the pot and the other players their stack. Live you have to keep an eye on that yourself. I guess you get used to stuff like that, but for me it was like OH NOZ and I ended up counting everything all the time lolz! I did like the social context a lot though. Online you don't have any connection with the other players (statistics are unpersonal imo), but live you can have a nice chat and it is a lot more fun to play poker imo.

Time for the 1 million dollar question now... Did I win?
Nopez! I lost 1010 against KK all in preflop. I didn't really get any good cards that evening and I only had 12 BB left so....ALL IN! I guess I cannot complain. Before I went all in with AQs against AJ and won that one so.... Although that girl I lost against, she got KK twice in a row! Poker is riiiiggggeeeddd! :p Just joking ofc!  I do read it a lot in the chat at 2NL though lolz! The people are hilarious there!

Conclusion: I had a lot of fun and I would do it again!

The name is TaniaSux on Pokerstars and I mostly play 10NL, although I am having a lot of fun lately at 2NL as well  :). If you are sitting at my table, don't be afraid to say "hi". I don't bite... well mostly I don't....

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