Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Having fun @ Pokerstars

Last week I decided to play some 2NL instead of 10NL, and to be honest I enjoyed it A LOT! I have been trying to nail down 10NL for a while now, and the only thing I managed to do there was getting breakeven. It did give me a lot more insight in poker though, so I do think the climb from 2NL to 10NL was very instructive.

So nowadays you will often find me back having fun at 2NL. The name is TaniaSux, so if you accidently sit at my table don't forget to say "hi" and to donate to the IsucksomuchatpokerIhadtogobackdownto2NL fonds. Thanks! :)

Since it seems I am not able to go to dreamland and there are none of these around with their magic dust...

I decided to tell you guys how I play 2Nl :).

So here we go...
-I limp with 22-88 unless I find myself in late position and nobody limped yet, then I raise.
-The higher pairs I raise (99+).
-I also raise KQs+ in early position.
-If I hit a set then I will bet, bet, bet (maybe even all in). 
-You should watch out if there is a pair on the table when you didn't hit your set though. If someone bets really a lot on the river, it probably means that fucker has a fullhouse and slowplayed you :).
-If you are using Holdem Manager you can try to steal on the cutoff, dealer and small blind if the people after you have about 75+ fold vs steal percentage. If you don't have statistics, DON'T TRY TO STEAL!!! STEALING ON 2NL DOESN'T WORK!!! Well mostly it doesn't...
-If they 3 bet me preflop and I have AA or KK. I go all in. Sometimes even with AKs and with QQ (but this depends on the person I am up against).
-If there are 4 cards of the same suit on the table and you don't have A or K of that suit, just fold if the guy bets into you.

Ok well this is mainly what came to mind. I hope these tips will help some people out already....

Also remember: it takes time to get good at something. You cannot force it. We all had to learn how to walk before we could run, right?! Same with poker. 

Good luck, have fun and cya at the tables!


  1. Your playing style sounds pretty tight, Tania, but whatever works I guess :) Goodluck!

  2. Hooray for tania!

    x ubi

  3. Great advice! Glad you made a blogspot account!