Friday, December 17, 2010

Cookies 4 life and Live Meetup 2 Morrow!!!

Tomorrow will be a very busy day for both me and Vanessa, since we planned a live meeting @ Lombardia (Lombardenvest 78,2000 Antwerpen) at 11:00am and afterwards we will be selling cookies there to support Music For Life.

Ah... you want more info???


Each year Studio Brussel (Radio station in Belgium) organises a fund raising for a certain charity. This year it's all about supporting South African children who have lost their parents cause of AIDS and since we are in town anyway we decided to help out as well! And... since Vanessa is a great cook... cookies it iz!


                    I cannot guarantee I won't be eating them all myself but... 

                                   this is how they will look like =>

Well I guess If you are fast enough you can still find some... and the good thing
is, they are pretty healthy (ginger cookies) and only cost 1 euro AND you help some kiddos out!!!  

So you know! Meetup at 11:00am @ Lombardia and afterwards we can hang a bit, and if you feel like helping out a bit...


Talking about charity... My favorite charity is The Uncultured Project! If you don't know him, you HAVE to check him out! He does everything himself and really puts his soul in it....

Wish us good luck and cya tomorrow! <3